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A Heart For God: Dangerous

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I once introduced myself to a friend of my daughter's, "Hi. I'm dangerous. Nice to meet you."

And why not? Am I not supposed to be? Am I not supposed to be "dangerous" as a Christian?

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I am lethal. I am toxic. I am radioactive (with the love of God). You will get infected being around me (or you ought to). The world, the flesh (sin) and the devil are on notice. "Dangerous" is here. (Hopefully I can scare the "Hell" out of you, too.)

"If your hand or your foot gets in God's way, chop it off and throw it away. You're better off maimed or lame and alive than the proud owner of two hands and two feet, godless in a furnace of eternal fire. And if your eye distracts you from God, pull it out and throw it away. You're better off one-eyed and alive than exercising your twenty-twenty vision from inside the fire of hell." (Mark 9:43-48; The Message Bible)

(Flickr picture via simonhucko)

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Anonymous Shawn said...

I couldn't agree more, Mike! Being dangerous means pushing past the yield signs of fear and complacency that Satan places in our path. It means following the Great Commission with reckless abandon. Living dangerously is my mantra. Keep spreading the infection!

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Shane said...

This really spoke to me! I hear you, God!

2:41 AM  
Blogger Sparkly Mess said...

I love your honesty! Refreshing truth

6:38 AM  
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