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A Heart For God: Pastor Preoccupation

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pastor Preoccupation

(Warning: rant coming ~ sort of.) There's a "phenomenon" that takes place in the church (in my humble opinion). A person starts attending services. He (or she) begins to become a part of a local congregation. And then all of a sudden, for some unknown reason (actually I will give one in just a moment), they are captured. The idea grips them. The emotion overtakes them. I call it:

"Pastor preoccupation."

And the simplest way I can explain it is the person in the pulpit becomes an unhealthy focus on his (or her) part. (It can take place with a worship/music leader, a teacher, etc, also.)

Of course, it happens at varying levels. I would expect that it ranges from a harmless grade school like "crush" to constant thinking/thoughts bordering on the point of obsession over them. (I say "them" because the obsession can include the Pastor's wife, too, at times?)

The reason for this (in my humble opinion again) is there's a need, a lack, an emptiness on the part of an individual that he (or she) sees as only being met through the person up front each Sunday. After all, they're "Superman" and "Wonder woman," aren't they (the Pastor and his wife)?

This "Pastor preoccupation" can turn ugly. When the guy or gal perceives the person in the pulpit as not entering into the level of relationship that's quote "required," they can get angry, even hostile. Some may even begin to purposely undermine their ministry (through gossip and other ways). (Pastors who read this might say, "Been there. Done that"?)

And it's just so funny how easily it's forgotten how preachers and Pastors (and their wives) are human beings, too. They have flaws, foibles. They fail. They are far, far from "Super heroes." (The only thing that makes any of us worth anything is another "F" ~ faith!)

Bottom line: Preoccupy yourself not with the person in the pulpit, but with the person in the "pew" / the back chair of the church who nobody knows about, who can't give you anything, who's hurting, in need of care, compassion. You'll be surprised how that hole in your heart that needs filling and you thought the Pastor should do it, but now Jesus does as you're serving the least of these. (Matthew 25:40)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, I was raised in a church where I seen this happen, time and time again. This is really great advice of how to stay focused on the meaning of attending church and why we come together. Great Info!!!!

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Tracy Nunes said...

Excellent points. When I was a young Christian I inadvertently sought favor from Pastors as a replacement Father figure. I would suspect that this is often the cause of this phenom you are describing. I learned to turn to God as my Father. Only he can satisfy us with true deep relationship.

5:55 AM  
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True, I was raised in a church where I seen this happen,

12:22 PM  
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This is really great advice

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