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A Heart For God: 15 Social Media Mistakes You Might Make

Thursday, August 25, 2011

15 Social Media Mistakes You Might Make

This is a real quick post off the cuff. (Try it some time. Set a timer to 15 minutes and go for it. It's another style of writing similar to extemporaneous preaching which is just taking a topic and talking about it off the top of your head whatever comes.)

If there's anything I've learned in my time with social media it's this: There's a way to do social media and there's a way not to do social media. The following is a list emphasizing the latter. Some of these mistakes I've made myself. Some of the others I've heard about and steer clear of.

And so here we go with...

15 Social Media Mistakes You Might Make:
(what would you add to the list?)

1. Expect to be an overnight success
2. Post too little
3. Post too much
4. Compare yourself
5. Expect perfection
6. Spend too much time
7. Spread yourself too thin (choose wisely which networks work for you)
8. Post a ton and then disappear for a month
9. Don't use spell check (especially when blogging)
10. Judge somebody else's approach without all the evidence (to the gas chamber with you!)
11. Have too thin a skin (take it too seriously)
12. Get puffed up on yourself (don't you know I'm a guru, too?)
13. Don't spend enough time with the little guys (give them a helping hand up, too)
14. Quit too soon
15. Never start

15 minutes is up! (Well, I may have gone a little bit longer than that.) :P

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Blogger Jeff Schicke said...

So many of those sound like me. While I keep telling myself a Christian shouldn't focus on comparisons and lack of readership (after all, we are writing to bless those people God has ordained to read our words), Satan wants me to keep using the world's standards of success. Do I want to be a better blogger and reach more people? Of course. But other than doing my best to grow, the results are in God's hands.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Marie said...

This is an awesome list that everyone struggles with. I say follow your heart, have fun and do what you like! the rest will come! Cherish the friendships, learn what you can & know that you matter and make a difference! Marie @spreadingJOY

5:05 AM  
Anonymous thejesuscandle said...

Just want to say that dealing with doctrinal/scriptural issues via twitter is more complex than I expected. In attempting to help somebody the diversity of branches of reason and lack on body-language and lack of voice-tone prompts proved too hard for my skill level. It's all good between us but I take my hat off to those who facilitate chat sessions.

4:34 AM  
Blogger Aaron Rodriguez said...

Amen sir God bless.:)

8:45 AM  
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