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A Heart For God: "Monster" and The Missing Link

Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Monster" and The Missing Link

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

“Monster.” It’s the name of the best-selling Christian fiction author, Frank Peretti’s, book that I just finished reading. And if you’re looking for a page-turner, my friends, look no further. This is it. And without giving the story away, the main issue Peretti deals with in “Monster” is the theory of evolution. And let me just put the theory in as simple of terms as I can. According to evolution, dolphins somehow eventually became cows and apes somehow eventually became men, etc., etc. But where is the evidence for a transitional species? Like where is the dolphin/cow and the ape/human? And since the dolphin is on it’s way to becoming a cow, then there must be in between the two, a 90% dolphin/10% cow. And then there must also be next in line an 80% dolphin/20 % cow. And then there must also be next in line after that a 70% dolphin/30% cow. And so on and so forth until the dolphin part no longer exists and in it’s place is only 100% pure beef! Are you following me? Again, where is the evidence for a transitional species? Have you ever seen one? You would think - and there should have been if evolution were true! - multitudes of transitional species all around us. Have you ever seen a 43.6% ape/56.4% man? (Your husband doesn’t count!) And Peretti does well in “Monster” to develop this whole issue in his own familiar, fantastic way. Especially the fact that mutations can’t possibly work. What if man began to try and fill in the gap that supposedly only millions of years of evolution could produce? What kind of “creature” might we create? A monster? Thus, you have Peretti’s title. In closing, the so-called “missing link” is still missing, my brothers and sisters. There’s no evidence of a transitional species anywhere. And even if we tried to create a dolphin/cow, we’d just mess things up. It’s the huge hole in the theory of evolution that evolutionists don’t want you to know let alone talk about.

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