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A Heart For God: Spin Zone - Part 1

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spin Zone - Part 1

Many years ago Pilate asked Jesus the question, "What is truth?" And Pilate asked that question, I'm convinced, because he lived in a day much like our own - where we just don't know what to believe anymore. Do you ever find yourself feeling like that? And as everything that happens and everything that's talked about and said, it seems like it's up for grabs whether it's fiction or fact.

For instance, the Holocaust - it didn't really happen - right? - according to one world leader. He's probably the best example of how many are giving their own "spin" on things these days. Do you know what I mean by "spin" and "spinning"?

And if you really want the truth about something, well, you just better make sure to read the New York Times.

And then - whatever happened to Dan Rather? On the eve of the 2004 Presidential elections, he produced documents raising questions about George W. Bush's national guard service. (They were forged. CBS fired him over it.)

And then there's another reliable source to go to where you can be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt about things: Wikipedia - the encyclopedic website where they offer a rather unique approach. You see, it's collaborative. You can add your own "take" to entries on Wikipedia. It's not revolutionary. It's evolutionary (literally).

It's just another example of what I'm talking about - we just don't know what to believe anymore and the potential for "spin" and "spinning" is everywhere and anywhere. What we really could use is a "No Spin Zone." They ought to have a show like that. (Of course, I know about Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox. I also know there's even "spinning" that takes place in the "No Spin Zone"?!)

Which brings me back to the question: "What is truth?" which was relevant to Pilate's time and is to ours as well. So how do we answer the question? How do we discern the truth? How do we separate fiction from fact? Watch for "Spin Zone - Part 2" where I'll do my best to give you an answer.

(Picture above in public domain: HERE.)

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