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A Heart For God: Drunk Driving Dad (Were You in That Car?)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Drunk Driving Dad (Were You in That Car?)

(The following is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.) A young boy was in his dad's car driving home. The problem was his dad was drunk. The boy gripped tightly to the seat each time the car drifted over the center line. (Can you imagine his feelings of fear?) Time and again it happened. The car drifted. The boy gripped tightly. The car drifted again. The boy gripped even tighter. Over and over it repeated itself. What could the boy do? It was an awful thing to do to a son. ******* They made it home, but only by God's grace. The boy was never the same. That's why I'm telling you this story ~ because of it's affects on the son. You see, his leadership failed him. The very one in charge of his life ~ who was meant to protect ~ put him at risk. How could a father do that? How could he? The boy cannot trust leaders even to this day. He even has a hard time trusting God. The truth is God is not like his dad. God will not put at risk him whom He's meant to protect. God can be trusted. God is faithful. God cares about His kids. Did you need to hear it? Were you that boy (or girl)?

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Blogger Kalita said...

Yes,I needed to hear this message today.. Thank You so much for sharing it with us all. That little bit of reassurance from reading this is going to take me futher and keep holding on to the faith.. Thank You once again

9:17 AM  

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