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A Heart For God: A Prayer for Restoring Honor

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Prayer for Restoring Honor

There's a rally on the Washington Mall this weekend. (Watch live: HERE) It's centering around a return to values, a return to morality and goodness, a return to God. We've gotten off track in America. It's evident to everyone. And it's also evident that it's beyond our own human ability to recover. We need help. We need help from Heaven. With this in mind my thoughts were turned to another time in history where a country had gotten off track. They were sent into exile for it (like us). But then the moment came for a return. It was at that time that one man was moved to pray. He confessed the sins of his people. He asked for God's intervention and deliverance. And the restoration process began. That prayer is below in a condensed version and as I posted it in seven tweets this past Thursday evening on Twitter (@aheartforgod). I believe it is a prayer for the "Restoring Honor" event on Saturday. I believe it is a prayer for our nation...

Daniel's Prayer (for America):
(Twitter version~tweet if you like)

(1) So I gave my attention 2 the Lord God 2 seek Him by prayer & supplications, w/fasting, sackcloth & ashes. Dan 9:3

(2) I prayed 2 the Lord my God & confessed & said, "Alas, O Lord, the great & awesome God… Dan 9:4a

(3) …[O Christ] who keeps His covenant & lovingkindness 4 those who love Him & keep His commandments… Dan 9:4b

(4) We have sinned,committed iniquity,acted wickedly&rebelled,even turning aside from Your commandments&ordinances. Dan 9:5

(5) Open shame belongs 2 us, O Lord, 2 r kings, r princes & r fathers, because we have sinned against You. Dan 9:8

(6) To the Lord r God belong compassion & forgiveness, 4 we have rebelled against Him; Dan 9:9

(7) So now, r God, listen 2 [our] prayer…& 4 Your sake…let Your face shine on Your desolate sanctuary. Dan 9:17

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