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A Heart For God: 21 Twitter Tips from @aheartforgod

Friday, September 24, 2010

21 Twitter Tips from @aheartforgod

Many moons ago (in a faraway land~not), my adventure with Twitter began. Honestly, I had no idea what a wonderful experience lie ahead. Tens of thousands of tweets and replies later, I guess the best way to sum it up is I am a better Christian man. (I love Jesus even more.) I have met and connected with Christians in the West, Midwest, on the East Coast, in Hawaii, Europe, the Philippines, China ~ you name it (take a peek at the maps to the right) ~ literally people from all around the world, I have seen lifted up, I have seen come to Christ and draw closer to God ~ and all from the convenience of my laptop and handheld. (Isn't that just crazy/amazing?) And I've learned a number of things that have helped enhance my use of Twitter especially in the service of our Lord. Whether you're a Twitter "guru" or newbie, I think there'll be something here for you, too, as you read the following...

21 Twitter Tips from @aheartforgod:
(feel free to tweet these yourself~just copy & paste~they are 140 characters or less!)

Tip #1: To gain more followers tweet 1 update per day (at the very least) so that we can see ur alive

Tip #2: 1 of the best ways 2 get somebody 2 notice u is 2 retweet them. It gets my attention. And I follow back

Tip #3: Avoid odd avatars. (Double meaning?) I don't follow weird or scary profile pictures. They give me bad dreams ;P

Tip #4: A "thank u" 4 a mention, shout out or RT can come in the form of retweeting something of theirs

Tip #5: Have a back up site in case your main one goes down. (Mine: @aheart4god)

Tip #6: The twitter "gods" say not 2 thank ur RTs. But I think it's a way of saying, "Glad 2 connect." Your RT causes me 2 notice u

Tip #7: If u get the big guys/gals (those w/lots of followers) 2 follow u back, u gain their reach (audience)

Tip #8: Many of u just starting out will gain tens of thousands of followers. Y? Because u have a good story 2 tell

Tip #9: Want more followers? Unless ur Britney or Lady Gaga, u need 2 be aggressive in ur following others. Engage & offer them value

Tip #10: Automate tweets overnight (I use HooteSuite). Reach the overseas followers (in Europe,S Africa,Australia,India,NewZealand,etc)

Tip #11: Repeat tweets. You will have followers today that you didn’t have a year ago that would miss out otherwise

Tip #12: You will start out small, but some of u will grow & become quite dynamic & significant tweeters. Invest

Tip #13: People will judge ur tweeting approach (motives), but they can't know ur heart. Pleasing God is all that matters

Tip #14: If you make a mistake (& u will) let it be in promoting what others have got going

Tip #15: People enjoy responses. (I know I do.) Some get many. Some get few. Focus your twitter luv especially towards the latter

Tip #16: Don't "poo poo" #FollowFriday (some Twitter "gurus" do who used 2 do it).It's 1 of the best ways 2 get 2 know people & it's fun,2

Tip #17: You may never be @chrisbrogan or @guykawasaki, but we don't need another 1 of those. We need you

Tip #18: Combine ur use of Twitter w/blogging or vlogging. Tweet links 2 ur latest posts. Reveal yourself (be transparent)

Tip #19: I don't get the most traffic to my blog or vlogs from Twitter (that comes from other places), but I have the most fun with it ;D

Tip #20: Divine appointments take place even on Twitter. That tweet u send (or schedule at 12:25 am) God has planned 2 meet someone

Tip #21: Most of all (& as a believer) represent Christ with all His compassion, peace & joy. There r so many hurting people in need of Him

Feel free to add your own "Twitter Tips" in the comment section. I might put them together in a Part 2 and give you credit? That would be cool. ;D

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Blogger Joe Sewell said...

Tip #22: Be yourself. Ignore any tip(s) that don't match your style.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Edifier1 said...

#23 Don't focus on how many followers you have or don't have. God gives the increase.

4:22 AM  
Blogger canuckdon said...

Be patient! It may take time for your Tweets to gain an audience.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous @timvalen said...

As your Following/Followers count grows it gets harder to keep up with old Twitter friends -- use lists so you can find their tweets.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be a good disciple of the Twitter 140, use your words wisely. It builds character.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Bruce Kirk said...


5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great tips!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop assuming all tweets are about you. the person twitting might b talking to himself.. It's an application not a court of law

5:10 AM  

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