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A Heart For God: 7 things you probably didn't know about @aheartforgod (but always wanted to)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 things you probably didn't know about @aheartforgod (but always wanted to)

If there's one thing I've learned about social media, it's this: There are so many people that I'd like to know more about their backgrounds, but a Facebook page and 140 characters on Twitter just doesn't allow for it. With this in mind I'm writing today. And after the example of some others (especially on Twitter), I've come up with 7 things you probably didn't know about me (but always wanted to). I tweeted these initially. That's why they're in tweet form. (I just may tweet them again?) And just in case you saw that first "tweetcast" I felt I should add 3 bonus points from my background to get you back for another look. (With some of you it worked?) So here we go with...

7 things you probably didn't know about @aheartforgod (but always wanted to) plus 3 bonus points:

1. I am Italian #aheartforgod #7things

2. I am a tease ;P #aheartforgod #7things

3. I have had a mustache since I was a junior in high school (never shaved once-kind of like Samson?) #aheartforgod #7things

4. I played in a Christian rock band in the late ‘80s (some of my closest friends-God moved) #aheartforgod #7things

5. My wife&I went 2 the same Bible school,but didn’t even notice each other for over a yr (we had run in2 each other) #aheartforgod #7things

Actually, that last one was 5a. You need 2 know more about my wife & I as we started out...

5b. When I 1st asked my wife out,she said she would pray about it.The answer came in another call:God said No. (ouch) #aheartforgod #7things

6. We pastored a small church in a nowhere place for 10 yrs. It was worth every moment 4 the people we loved&served #aheartforgod #7things

7. Jesus met me in a car crash on the freeway in 1983&was merciful 2 me (a sinner)&gave me a 2nd chance. I ❤ Him 4 it #aheartforgod #7things


8. I once went out dressed as Snow White on Halloween ;P (Read “Unmasked” HERE) #aheartforgod #7thingsbonus

9. At age 30 (w/a wife&child) I moved back in w/my parents (yikes) #aheartforgod #7thingsbonus

10. I ❤ foothills (but grew up in SF Bay Area). Then God transplanted me to the Sierra Nevada! (Mother Lode) WOW #aheartforgod #7thingsbonus

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Blogger The Born Again Marketer said...

wow. sometimes these little things are the most amusing and AMAZING. little things that lead to big things God has stored for us. all the glory to HIM alone!!

3:15 AM  

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