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A Heart For God: A "God" Thing (redux)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A "God" Thing (redux)

The Holy Family. I'm talking about none other than the Virgin named Mary, Joseph her husband and the Child called Christ.

And I guess the first important lesson the Holy Family affords us is this: Be careful. That thing you're being critical of just might be a "God" thing.

And when you really think about it, the Christmas story really is a "family affair." (No pun intended.) I'll talk about the "affair" part in just a moment. But the Incarnation and the advent of Christ is all about a "family," first of all. Is it not? A "family" is at the middle of it. A "family" is at the middle of the Christmas story.

Families play an important part in the Lord's scheme of things. It's the primary unit to communicate the Gospel and the things of God. The church and pastor is a complement to the family, not the other way around. Did I say that too fast so you missed it? The church and pastor should not be the sole means that children learn about God and the things of God. God never meant it to be that way.

But on now to the "affair" part of the Christmas story. Right? The "affair" part of the Christmas story: Mary gets pregnant out-of-wedlock prior to her marrying Joseph. And can you just imagine the looks she got and what the ladies said amongst themselves - the conversations that took place as Mary's belly grew and continued to expand over the course of a period of time? And then when Mary was there standing with Joseph to be married? Can you just imagine the thoughts and thinking on the part of some?

Again, be careful. That thing you're being critical of just might be a "God" thing. We can be so critical even as Christians. I mean, if it isn't (quote) "the way we used to do it." Have you ever heard anyone say that? Or if it's not according to our opinions or our tastes. Or if it's a chorus instead of a hymn - fill in the blank - then, well....

And I'm even convinced of this, my friends - for those who really aren't so open to God like they portray themselves to be believers, but are they really? - God just might choose to do something in the very way that would be offensive to them. I mean, the Messiah who is to save Israel is born in a manger in a cave? That can't possibly be a "God" thing.

Oh, yes it is.

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