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A Heart For God: Happy Birthday @aheartforgod (2 years)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday @aheartforgod (2 years)

It's my two year birthday on Twitter. (Sorry, I couldn't fit another candle on the cake.) I started "tweeting" two years ago this very day in 2008 ~ though I had no clue what "tweeting" meant at the time. (You didn't either when you first started.) Now I've done it (tweeted) more than 3o,ooo times. (The next one is always better than the last.) And I guess I could focus on and was thinking about some of the ministry heights as a Christian sharing God's love as best I know how via social media that Christ in His mercy has allowed me to reach (I can do nothing apart from Him), but aside from the almost 400,000 video blog views Twitter has helped produce and the tens of thousands of blog visits ~ it's all about the people I've met on Twitter, ministered to and become friends with from all over the world. (You've ministered to me. You've ministered to me, too!)

And I guess (there I go guessing again) if I want to say anything more on this fun day for @aheartforgod, I would say how much I enjoy and appreciate each and every of you that I've come to know and walk this Twitter journey (to the Celestial City!) with. I also want to say (who needs to hear it?) don't you ever forget how much Jesus loves you and how He has a grand purpose for you to give you an abundant life and to grant you to fulfill a greater, holy and righteous destiny in Him. And though you may struggle at times (I do, too), you have brothers and sisters in Christ that are here on Twitter to pray for you and help you and encourage you ~ laugh, hug and cry with ~ and cheer you on as well ~ whatever you need.

Thanks for the last two years, everybody. Looking forward to many more Twitter memories with you in the days ahead ~ and meeting you some day personally, especially at the coming of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13) That's the ultimate Tweetup! God bless you all! \o/ #aheartforgod

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Blogger Marie said...

Happy twitter birthday Mike!!

I'm honored to know you here on twitter and am soooo looking forward to the "ultimate tweetup" - can you imagine Tworship on THAT day?? wow!!!

you bless so many people and i'm thankful to be one of them!!

big {{HUGS}} for you Mike!!

4:57 PM  

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