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A Heart For God: The Unseen Hand

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Unseen Hand

We just don't realize how much God protects us. (I know I don't.) We had a drug bust take place in our neighborhood recently. I wrote about it in: "SWAT Operation (and the stupid thing I did)." From the same house (where 6 were arrested and 25 lbs. of marijuana was seized) a truck started backing up at full speed yesterday (that's right, going in reverse) down the street and up the hill. What you gotta know is our street is only wide enough to handle one car. So I was fearful (to say the least). My wife and kids were due to come home from shopping right about that same time. I thought there would be a collision (either them or someone else). And all I could think about is how stupid those people were. Did they not learn the lesson of their partners during the arrest? It was right about then that I looked up and saw my wife and kids in our car coming home at just the same time as that crazy truck backing up the hill at full throttle ~ however, they'd come home the opposite way! They hardly ever go that way is what I'm trying to say. Indeed, they would have collided with that truck if they'd gone the normal way. Let me say (write) it again: We just don't realize how much God protects us. #ThankYouJesus

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Blogger Jan's Funny Farm said...

How very, very true!

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