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A Heart For God: Top 10 Blog Posts from 2010 (Best of @aheartforgod)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2010 (Best of @aheartforgod)

I've grouped together some of my best blog posts (in my mind) from the past year below. They are framed in how they were tweeted on Twitter. You will learn a lot about me by reading each of these (if you don't know me already). You will get a good idea of how I write (succinctly, for impact, pull no punches). You will get a good idea of who I am (Christ is my passion). I trust you will like what you see.

And so with no further adieu, here we go with (there is a bonus at the end)...

The Top 10 Blog Posts from 2010:
(Best of @aheartforgod)

1. Christ Follower Or Christian? They’re not necessarily the same \o/ #believe

2. Why I'm Using Four Letter Words In Church Mom, wash my mouth out with soap?

3. They Didn't Care Mary & Joseph go against the grain of r contemporary materialistic American Christianity #TrueChristmas

4. Miracle Boy The doctor was saying, "This just doesn't happen. This is a miracle.” She was talking about my son \o/

5. An Attitude of Worship 7 quick points to help keep u on track in ur love 4 Jesus. A must read 4 worshipers \o/ #Tworship

6. Messiah Complex (5 Characteristics) Nice guy. Perfect family. Cares 4 others. Attends church. But there’s more...

7. My Country, 'Tis Of Thee Chronicles events surrounding the birth of America. Great study tool for patriots #tcot

8. 7 Causes Of Agony in the Garden Christ’s sweat became like drops of blood at Gethsemane. Find out why \o/ #worship

9. The Only Hope For A Tiger Is A Lion No one cares how far you can hit a golf ball in the afterlife #TigerWoods #Masters

10. The Day The Earth Stood Still (22,000 twitter followers gone) It was a good lesson for me to learn ;D


Clean I couldn’t believe it. Was I dreaming? I was handed my DMV print out & it was… A must read \o/ #mercy

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