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A Heart For God: The "Why?" Question

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The "Why?" Question

Have you ever asked, "Why?" Of course, you have. I'm asking it now in my own life. I'm asking it about a certain particular area. (What's yours?) "Why, Lord?" We ask it about ourselves. "Why, God?" We ask it on behalf of others. "Why?" (Pause) Why did it have to happen? Why didn't it work out like I hoped it would? Why? (Pause) Why did they have to die? (Or whatever your area of concern happens to be. That last one's probably the toughest.)

Sometimes I go to Golgotha. Sometimes I climb Calvary's hill. It's not an easy climb. I don't much like to look again at what happened there (to be honest). It was an ugly scene. It really was. I think we can forget that. I know I can.

But there the Son of God hung on a cross. His body sheared. (After all, He was the "Sheep" for the slaughter.) His visage sliced and ripped (cut) and left to rot. (I am trying to be graphic for a reason.) That's what our sins did to Jesus. That's what my sins did. You and I really need to be reminded. "Blessed are those who mourn (over their own sin and what it required of the Savior), for they shall be comforted (receive forgiveness, cleansing and a new life in Christ). (Matthew 5:4)

And Christ asked, "Why?" in the midst of the crucifixion. Isn't that something? The very answer to all questions Himself, He asked the "Why?" question. (Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34)

I take comfort in that. And for the following two reasons. Number 1: It shows it's okay to ask, "Why?" It's okay. And to admit you have a question about God's plan and what He's doing and what He's up to and that you're hurting in the midst of it and that you're human. It's okay!

And the second reason I take comfort in our Savior asking "Why?" is: It shows we aren't going to have all the answers to everything. (He didn't in His humanness.) We aren't going to have all the answers. And that's okay, too. And even when we know it's God's plan for us and that it's what He's asked us to do and created us for to walk in whatever good work it is and we're experiencing pain, hardship, loss, abandonment, etc., it's okay that we don't have all the answers. It's okay!

I don't know what you're going through. I don't know what's got you asking the "Why?" question. But what I do know is it's okay to ask it. (God won't condemn you for it.) I also know it's okay if you don't have an answer. Ultimately, God will make good on it just like He did with our Savior's sacrifice on the cross. Trust.

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