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A Heart For God: This Dark Presence

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This Dark Presence

I wasn't a Christian. Oh, but I still worshiped a god. It was the god of music and drugs and whatever else a young person fills the emptiness of his soul with after high school. I had decided to visit the record store one Friday afternoon. (They were "records" back then.) A famous singer was coming to sign autographs. I don't remember the exact time he was to appear. Let's say 3:30. And so it was about 30 minutes prior to arrival. And that's when it happened. (I just got a chill while writing that.) The atmosphere outside the store started to change. I could feel it. It's hard to explain. The crowd grew agitated. The clouds seemed to thicken. (I'm not making it up.) Some "thing" was descending. There was like this dark presence. It was sickening. It was ugly. It was real. Then the singer stepped out of the store. He signed some autographs. He played with the crowd. He left about a half hour later. The presence left with him. Everything returned to normal.

I was going to end the blog post there, but thought you might like to know who the singer was. Would you like to know? Would you like to take a guess? It was none other than Ozzy Osbourne.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cannot be serious...?

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Susan said...

I believe you...when I finally read the lyrics to songs on the AC/DC "Back in Black" album, I was compelled to throw it away (not resell it, or give it away) after breaking it. First and only time I've ever done that, and that was 10 years before I was saved.

5:49 PM  

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