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A Heart For God: 7 Points on the End Times (plus 3 bonus points)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

7 Points on the End Times (plus 3 bonus points)

"By Caldron Pool. In the last days of Narnia, far up to the west beyond Lantern Waste and close beside the great waterfall, there lived an Ape." Thus begins C. S. Lewis' "The Last Battle," the final book in his 7 volume children's classic, Chronicles of Narnia series. In it Lewis depicts the last days struggle on planet earth that the Bible explains will take place prior to and including the return of Jesus Christ.

One of the primary characters about to enter on to the scene of this drama is the man of sin, Antichrist (represented by the "Ape" in The Last Battle). (2 Thessalonians 2:3) And there are a whole host of other things that surround Antichrist's appearance and his eventual destruction that, quite frankly, we all just need to know about and have a handle on as we come upon the darkest days humankind has ever known. (But it's always darkest before the dawn!)

I do my best to chronicle some of the truths that surround what the Bible also refers to as "the day of the Lord" (2 Peter 3:10) in the following 7 points on the end times. It was first broadcast on Twitter in 7 tweets (a "tweetcast" ~ each is 140 characters or less). So if any of you got the chance to already see it, I've added 3 bonus points you won't want to miss at the end.

And so here we go with...

7 points on the End Times (plus 3 bonus points):
(feel free to tweet these yourself if you like)

1.Then the kingdom of heaven will b comparable 2 10 virgins,who took their lamps,&went out 2 meet the bridegroom.Mt25:1 #endtimes #tweetcast

2.A charismatic leader will appear bringing peace 2 the Middle East.The world will worship him.He will b Satanic. Rev13 #endtimes #tweetcast

3.Old & New Testaments filled w/Return of Christ promises. 4 every First Coming prophecy there r 8 on Second Coming \o/ #endtimes #tweetcast

4.The "super sign" of the last days is Israel being gathered to her original homeland(5/14/48).Dry bones r alive!Ezek37 #endtimes #tweetcast

5.The Church is raptured&revival takes place based on the testimony of those who r gone.Beheadings follow. Rev13:7;20:4 #endtimes #tweetcast

6.Russia & her allies, Sudan, Libya & Iran will attack Israel. God Himself will step in & decimate their armies. Ezek38 #endtimes #tweetcast

7.Jesus Christ will appear personally, literally&visibly, in glory, in power, w/angels, quickly, unexpectedly. Zech14:4 #endtimes #tweetcast


8.R response 2 knowledge of the Master's return? Serve, love & share the good news. Luke 12:35-44 Maranatha \o/ #endtimes #tweetcast

9.America absent in prophecy. Y? 1 teacher says:Nuclear decimation or National decline or Sweeping revival then rapture #endtimes #tweetcast

10.Islam will not rule the world in the end.GodofAbraham,Isaac&Jacob whose Son died on the cross 4 r sins will.Zech14:9 #endtimes #tweetcast

(Above picture under the Creative Commons license: HERE.)

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Anonymous Barbara Thayer said...

I always find comfort in knowing that our Lord is returning for His people. Thank you for your writing and faithfulness in sharing the Bible. I do hope you will come and take a visit to my blog some time. I value your input. Blessings brother!

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will God stop the killings of innocent babies and children in Syria and Gaza, this is soo awful :(

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did u not just read this? There will be someone who will bring peace to the middle east but he will be the Antichrist.

2:20 PM  

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