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A Heart For God: Where is God When Disaster Strikes?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where is God When Disaster Strikes?

The Tsunami warning center has revised upward the great Japan earthquake of 2011 to 9.1 magnitude. (The U.S. Geological Survey still has it at 8.9.) It is the largest ever recorded quake to hit the area, tied for 3rd largest in history (Chile-9.5, Alaska-9.2, Sumatra-9.1, Japan-9.1, Russia-9.0). The tsunami waves recorded on video that hit Japan are breathtaking to watch (click here) and have added to the devastation. (And now the Fukushima nuclear power plant has exploded adding even more insult to injury!)

When disaster strikes we inevitably ask many questions including, "Where is God?" The answer: He's in the same place He's always been. He's right here with us in the midst of our disaster. (Matthew 1:23) He's right here to afford comfort. He's right here to provide peace. He's right here to bring healing. He's right here to help pick up the pieces.

It was a disaster when Martha and Mary's brother died. But Jesus came. And first He cried with the two sisters. (John 11:33-35) And then He went and brought their dear Lazarus back from the dead. (John 11:43-44)

The very Christ of heaven will arise in our moment of despair to bring life out of death, too, as we call out to Him.

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Anonymous MfGderD said...

The question is not "where was God" but "where is the man". God does not remove from us but we remove from God !

4:24 AM  
Blogger Cristina Romero said...

I've been wanting to thank you for all your encouragement through the Word. God will meet us in our despair; He always has and He always will. If we call upon His name He will answer.

4:50 AM  

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