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A Heart For God: One Generation Away From Extinction

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Generation Away From Extinction

We were out as a family at a church movie night. The pastor was offering a free ice cream cone to the kid who answered his question correctly. It was based on Romans 12:2: "How does a person renew his or her mind?" Of course, the hands went up including my 12-year-old daughter's and 17-year-old son's. (They wanted that ice cream.) Theresa answered: "Become a Christian." ("Right on," I thought to myself.) And there were a number of other answers, too. But my son, Michael, wasn't called on for his answer. And somebody else won the ice cream. (It happens.) On the way home in the car we asked Michael what his answer was. "Cry out to God," he said. My heart was warmed. (My wife's, too.)

They had it. I'm talking about faith. Both my son and daughter had it: Jesus in their heart. (Yes!)

And as Christian parents our most important duty is to pass the truth down to our kids and grandkids. Isn't it?

"The Church is never more than one generation away from extinction."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your kids answers. I might also add, that a person can renew their mind by reading God's Word. They are His love letters to us, and also our manual in how to live.

Have a great day!

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Christine Smith said...

What an exciting time as a parent, to be able to watch as your children express their faith publically. If asked, I'm certain your kids would have debated the issue with heart, soul, mind and strength! Thanks for sharing your family story, I am a blog subscriber and Twitter fan @LifeVerse

7:06 AM  

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