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A Heart For God: 5 Facts About My Mom (plus 2 bonus facts)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

5 Facts About My Mom (plus 2 bonus facts)

The #1 trending topic on Twitter for much of Mother's Day has been (was) the hashtag: #5factsaboutmymom. So I thought I should oblige. Here goes...

5 Facts About My Mom (plus 2 bonus facts):
(let me know about your mom in the comments?!)

Fact 1: She was planning to be a Catholic nun before she met my dad (so she ended up with a preacher as a son)

Fact 2: She named me after the archangel Michael (the warrior angel)

Fact 3: She had me on the same day her brother's wife had twins (we were written up in Herb Caen's column in the San Francisco Chronicle for it)

Fact 4: She had a chance to teach in my high school, but my brother and I said "no" (so she taught at the high school in the next city over)

Fact 5: She had a major heart attack in 1991 and almost died (I prayed hard for God to give her 10 more years ~ it's been 20 now ~ God is good)

BONUS FACT 1: She once saw a mouse in her bathroom and went out and bought a cat even though she was allergic to cats (she would buy the cat's sister the following day because she didn't want the cat to be lonely)

BONUS FACT 2: She always said I was a good boy

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