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A Heart For God: God Uses Twitter, Too?! (Conference Speech-Part 2)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God Uses Twitter, Too?! (Conference Speech-Part 2)

(My Twitter conference speech conclusion. Part 1: click here)

7. And then now finally, probably the one “connection” I remember most is Jennifer Johns (@goingbyfaith in California).

I had no idea when I made the video An Appointment with God that it was meant for her and what an impact it would have. She would turn it into a blog post on her own blog

And let me just read a little bit of that post to you:

I Want to Change (she writes on May 31st, 2010)

Over a year ago, I knew someone who needed to change. The person was me. Before God blessed me with a new life, I was asking for help. I was asking people, books, counselors, myself — whatever seemed to bring peace into the picture. One day about a month before I first went to a Christian sermon… and while randomly posting something on twitter… I saw a few lines scroll by my computer screen about two thieves who died next to Jesus. I felt compelled to click on the link for some reason, and it took me to a six-minute video. I didn’t know what to think, but for some reason I didn’t think. I watched. It’s about two men who have an appointment with God. You’ll recognize the setting of the story immediately. And you might ponder how you have or haven’t changed. You might even want to listen to it with another. It’s only six minutes long.

(She goes on)

It’s a choice to change. God sets up the appointment time, and we have a choice to recognize that it is in fact “time to change.” True and lasting change does not come from people or things. Life change, transformational change, occurs only at a soul level between you and God at the scheduled hour. You know when that hour is at hand.

Watch the [video below] with someone who needs change, especially if that someone is you.

Thank you, Pastor Mike, for sharing videos of God’s message.

And so to the question: Does God use twitter, too? The answer is: God uses twitter, too!

I want to close now with…

5 tips to help you gain 50,000 followers on Twitter based on the acronym: Tweet.


The first letter is “T” for…


Take advantage of the tools.

(Visit I use Hootsuite to automate tweets and Twittelator on my iPod touch to be mobile. I also use Tweepi to manage followers.

Take advantage of the tools.

It's the first letter "T" in the acronym "Tweet" to help you gain 50,000 followers.

The second letter is “W.”

“W” stands for…

W-rite. (w-r-i-t-e)

Write, write and write some more.

Combine blogging with tweeting. Tell a story (your story). Find your voice. Earn the right to be heard.

Write, write and write some more.

The third letter in the acronym “Tweet” to help you gain 50,000 followers is “E” ~ the 1st “E” which stands for…

E-ngage. (e-n-g-a-g-e)

What did Captain Picard do when he wanted to venture out into space? Do you remember that? (Star Trek~The Next Generation) He’d say, “Engage.” Right? It meant move forward.

Interact with your followers. Promote their stuff, too. Add value to the community.

Engage to help build your followership.

The fourth letter in the acronym “Tweet” is another “E” which stands for…


It's the foundation of everything I do. The one thing people need in these challenging times is “hope.” I try to give it.


And now the fifth and final letter in the acronym “Tweet” to help you gain 50,000 followers is another “T” (t-i-m-e)...


You need to allow time for results.

Don’t quit tweeting after a day, week, month or year. Keep at it. Nothing worthwhile comes overnight.

You need to allow time for results.

Someone here is going to take this advice (Tools, Write, Engage, Encourage, Time ~ T-W-E-E-T) and you’re gonna take it to the next level.

You’re gonna gain tens of thousands of followers.

And you’re gonna make an impact!

And people in the twittersphere are gonna be the better for your having tweeted.

Thanks for allowing me to share my twitter story with you today.

God bless!

(Info on the 140 Character Conference - Central Sierra: click here)

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