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A Heart For God: Choir Loft Crazy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Choir Loft Crazy

I was a young believer. I was Catholic. I was attending Bible study at my local church. The lead teacher chose me to take under his wing as an assistant. He went out of town and left me in charge.

No one showed up at the Bible study. (It happens when the lead teacher is gone.) There was me, another lady and then this other guy that came that had never been there before. (I guess you could say he was "on something," but it wasn't drugs.)

He talked about spiritual things. It was in a crazy sort of way. Since I was a "baby Christian" I didn't know how to deal with it. He told me he wanted to meet with me after the meeting. We did ~ in my car. I finally wriggled away after telling him I would meet with him again. I gave him my phone number. (Oops.) I forgot about it.

Then one day the phone rang. "Mike!" declared the voice on the other end. It gave me chills. "I want to meet with you at the church at 3 p.m. Friday afternoon!" (Yeah, he said that, too, with the exclamation point.) I hung up the phone. I thought about not going. But I did. (I have this loyalty thing and keep my word. Gets me in trouble sometimes.)

It was 3 p.m. EXACTLY on Friday afternoon. I was in the church parking lot. I said to myself, "See. He's not here. I'm going now." That's when I heard it. "Mike!" (He said it with the exclamation point again.) There he was. (Oh no.) He led me to the church choir loft. (You're thinking, "Why did you go? Are you that stupid?")

He talked to me about spiritual things some more ~ about how we were living in the end times. And about how Christ had already returned. (First flag should have gone up. Jesus had come and gone?) And Mary. Mary was very, very important he told me. I was not at peace.

I can't even remember the drive home. What I do remember is my roommate telling me, "Mike, you need to get baptized in the Holy Spirit."

Can't fool me anymore. ;D

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