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A Heart For God: Are You a Nincompoop?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are You a Nincompoop?

We've been lied to. We've been handed a lukewarm Gospel (from some pulpits in America?). This "Gospel" compartmentalizes Christianity.

You see, it's not to be "worn on one's sleeve" (your faith). It's not to ruffle any feathers in the marketplace ~ separation of Church and State, after all.

You can't talk about that kind of stuff in the schools, you will offend somebody. And no "Merry Christmas" in the stores. Don't you dare. "Happy Holidays" is the only thing acceptable.

What? Are you a nincompoop? That's what the Gospel is. That's what Christianity is.

It's supposed to be worn on your sleeve, down your shirt and pants to your shoes. (Put on the full armor of God!)

The Gospel is offensive. Christianity is supposed to ruffle feathers. It's supposed to slap upside the head (figuratively speaking) those in the direction of hell. (Wake up!)

Are we to allow our friends and family and neighbors and coworkers to just glide through life until they die and then discover the place that burns with fire and brimstone having not ruffled their feathers or offended them ahead of time (in this life) at the slightest chance that they might seek to avoid such a place?

Don't be a dope (nincompoop!).

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Blogger A Simple Servant said...

EXCELLENT! I have been saying this all along, the common response is "We have to love them." Well, TRUE, but ignoring the truth and failing to point out the truth about the TRUTH is NOT, repeat NOT love. I don't really care if I am offensive, I would rather speak the truth and I wish people had told me the truth MUCH earlier. Well written brother.

9:48 PM  

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