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A Heart For God: A Tip About Offering Tips

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Tip About Offering Tips

You're getting a glimpse at the inside workings of A Heart For God and how I approach tweeting and blogging and Facebooking here. (Class is in session!)

And don't get me wrong. In my day job I'm a social media specialist (aren't we all?) where I manage two other Twitter sites, two Facebook pages (friend and fan/business), a blog (my home base), Google+ (just starting out) and other real estate related platforms. There I do post quotes from authors, politicians, celebrities, etc. (I do!)

The difference at A Heart For God is I like to post my own quotes in the form of "tips." Here are two examples: 21 "More" Twitter Tips from @aheartforgod and 11 Tips About Blogging (plus 1 bonus).

And I guess the quick point I want to make is we all have "tips" to offer. (You do, too!) If we've been a parent, we could offer Parenting Tips. (Right?) What to do and what not to do. (I know a lot about what NOT to do.) If we've been to college, we could offer College Tips. (If it's only been high school, then make it High School Tips.) If we've gone on a cruise, we could offer Cruise Tips. If we've come out on top against a life-threatening disease, we could offer Overcoming Cancer Tips. I think you're hearing me. There are just so many "tips" any one of us could (and can) offer.

As an example of this I've got a list of "tips" below. These were first tweeted individually at various times on Twitter (thus, they are 140 characters or less). They came to me on the fly, which I've found is just a fun way at offering advice. They are of a miscellaneous variety. I hope they get you to think and along with that, move you in the direction of offering tips yourself (please send me yours when you do!)...

Twitter Tip: I like 2 use 1st names when addressing people. It personalizes relationships in the offline world. Shows u care online 2 :)

Video Blogging Tip: Is your video 3 minutes plus? You want more views? Cut it to 1 minute 10. Chop, chop & chop some more :)

Family Tip: Invest in those kids. Talk about Jesus. Show them u r reading the Scriptures & seeking God w/all ur own heart.They will remember

Twitter Tip: Make ur faith declarations 4 all ur followers 2 c. 4 some it will b the 1st time they ever hear any1 talk about Jesus :)

Ministry Tip: I always, always, always point a female to a Pastor’s wife for counsel & help (or a mature woman believer)

Twitter Tip: That person's "follow" button u click today just might become 1 of the best friends u ever had. God's like that, u know :)

Ministry Tip: Bring them 2 the Last Supper. Point out Jesus' humility. Bring them 2 the cross. Point out Jesus' love. They will b disarmed


Life Tip: When u realize that Jesus Himself has designed the very path of ur life,u will c things differently,u will cherish every moment ;D

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