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A Heart For God: Wanted: Guitar Player for Jesus

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wanted: Guitar Player for Jesus

I was a young Christian and was wondering if God could ever use me and my instrument again. I say "again" because I used to play lead guitar in secular rock bands. Music had been an idol to me. That idol was smashed on Super Bowl Sunday (January 1984) when, into the dumpster behind my apartment, I threw away over a thousand dollars worth of record albums.

It hurt. It was painful. It had to be done.

My friends thought I was crazy. (I was ~ but for Jesus now.)

So I put up an ad on the wall at Guitar Center in San Jose (California): "Guitar player who loves the Lord looking for a band."

And I had no idea what God would do.

And I want to stop right here before I tell what happened to make a point. You're reading this and you're wondering what's ahead in your life. And you have no idea (just like me long ago).

But God knows! God knows what's ahead ~ because He planned it. He planned it long ago. (Ephesians 2:10) And if you're serving Him, if you've given your heart to Jesus and you're trusting Him with Your life, He's gonna bring about the purposes He has for you. He's gonna bring them about! (Philippians 1:6) And they're good purposes. They are! (Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8:28)

I got a call from two guys. They'd seen my ad at Guitar Center. One was a guitar player. The other was a bass player. You see, they'd been praying and asking the Lord to bring another (lead) guitar player along to help start a Christian band. (That would be me.)

And the rest is history.

We did many concerts over the next two and a half years. Many were touched, saved, lifted up, encouraged, given hope, blessed, prayed for, loved. It was really something watching what God could do (and being a part of it).

So what might God have planned for you just ahead that you can't see?

Trust Him. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good read today.....I am blessed by your words!

8:34 AM  

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