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A Heart For God: Nero or Nero Lite? (On Voting)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nero or Nero Lite? (On Voting)

We make mistakes. It happens even in the voting booth. That's made all the worse when a politician presents him or herself as someone who they're not. (How else do you get elected?)

"So what's the use?" is some people's response. "I'm not gonna vote any more." And we can respond like that especially when the choice is Nero or Nero Lite. (lite: a watered down version)

Paul lived under Nero's rule. Nero was a very wicked ruler. Nero had the heads of babies put on poles and lit as torches for his garden parties. (A picture of a promoter of abortion.) Now that's evil.

Paul's response? He prayed for Nero. (1 Timothy 2:1-4) He participated in the political process at the level of access granted him (through prayer) and did not check out. And eventually Nero was gone.

The only way out is little by little. (It's the process God frees each of us from sin, by the way.) The Bible didn't explicitly condemn the practice of slavery. (Philemon 1-25) God knew the turmoil that would take place. But He laid the groundwork for its removal - and slavery was eradicated over time.

So we vote for Nero Lite hoping for a better candidate the next time around. And if he (Nero Lite) or she is not telling the truth either, well, we trust that's part of God's plan, too, whose Son will ultimately reign on earth in the end. (Isaiah 9:6; Zechariah 14:9)

Maranatha. ("Lord, come.")

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