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A Heart For God: The Power (Reach) of a Twitter Hashtag

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Power (Reach) of a Twitter Hashtag

For those of you that don't know, a Twitter hashtag is a number sign (#) combined with a word or multiple words (#HeartChat, #EscapefromEgypt, #GospelofMark).


A Twitter hashtag is a way of bookmarking a topic or conversation on Twitter. Click on or search the hashtag at Twitter Search to view recent tweets. (Check out / click on #HeartChat right now for an example.)

Of course, if a Twitter hashtag is a way of bookmarking a conversation it has to also be a way of chatting around a certain subject. And it is! Everyone participating in the chat uses the Twitter hashtag to view each others' tweets together. (A common way of doing this is by using TweetChat, typing in the hashtag there and following along.)

And probably the best thing about a Twitter hashtag is it's a great way of connecting with like-minded individuals. I've met thousands of people (and from all around the world!) that think just like me and it's been through the use of a Twitter hashtag that I've done it.


So you might ask yourself, "Should I create my own Twitter hashtag and use that?"

This is where another advantage of hashtags comes into play (that I wonder if some of us may not have even considered it?). And it has to do with "reach."

There are people with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and some of these have a hashtag that they use, too (it may or may not be their own). And if you use that hashtag yourself, you will now be sharing your thoughts with a much larger group.

And if they're worthwhile thoughts that you're sharing (that offer value to those who are following and tweeting the hashtag), the extra added benefit is you will become acquainted with others (and they with you) and you will also enjoy the potential of gaining more Twitter followers than if you would have chosen your own hashtag (especially if you don't have a whole lot of followers yet).

Out of politeness you might introduce yourself and ask the person if he (or she) wouldn't mind you participating and using the hashtag (especially if it happens to be theirs). Also, make sure your topic and passion are compatible, first.

(By the way, you can register your own hashtag if you choose to go in that direction: Register Hashtag. For a list of Twitter hashtags, check out: Twubs Hashtag Directory and

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