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A Heart For God: How to Create an Audio File

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Create an Audio File

Here are some simple instructions on how to create an audio file. (I like simple. I can do simple.) There will be a simple download involved, too.


But first, we need to adjust the microphone volume control on your computer.

This really looks way harder than it is...

On your computer, go to: Control Panel > Double click on Sound > Click "Recording" tab > Choose “Microphone/Line In” > Click “Properties” button > Click “Levels” tab > Drag “Microphone Boost” slider all the way to right (+20dB) > Click OK > Click OK again.

That wasn’t so hard? :)


Now on to the simple download of Free Sound Recorder.

Click on...

Once you've downloaded and installed Free Sound Recorder, you’re ready to record.


Here’s how...

Make sure microphone is plugged in. (Your microphone doesn't need to be anything fancy. Mine is from an old cassette recorder I used to have. It works great.)

Now on your computer, open Free Sound Recorder (the program you just downloaded) > Click “Options” > Choose Output File Type: Wma File > Click OK.

You’re ready to record. Yay!

TO START: Click the white circle in red circle (record) button
**This is where you record your voice. Talk, talk, talk**
TO STOP: Click white square in red circle (stop) button


Your new audio file can now be played back in the box below (of Free Sound Recorder). Choose file (just lightly click on it), then “Play” button in left lower corner. You can “Pause” or “Stop” as you choose. Pass mouse over other choices (to find delete button).

To find your new audio file on your computer, open your My Documents folder, then your Free Sound Recorder folder.

Now you should see all your audio files which you can rename or delete or attach to an email or upload to Dropbox if you would like to make it available for others to listen to online.

Voila! You’re a recording star! :)

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