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A Heart For God: Why My Pastor is Voting for Mitt Romney (and not Barack Obama)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Why My Pastor is Voting for Mitt Romney (and not Barack Obama)

You may be surprised that a Christian minister would actually come out and say it. (Why not? He's an American, too.)

And to vote for a Mormon? Isn't Mormonism a cult after all? Yes, it is.  And he (my Pastor) makes that very clear.

But here are the facts. You can choose to believe them or not believe them. As an American that is your right. (At least, it still is for now.)

This country hangs in the balance. This country hangs by a thread. Our current President, Barack Obama, is an out of control spender. He believes in abortion and at its cruelest level (the killing of a baby who survives abortion). He is pro-gay marriage. He disregards the Constitution.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We are talking biblical values here. And the fact is Mitt Romney actually stands for life (I know he didn't previously, but has changed his stance). He also stands for marriage between a man and a woman. He has a business background and promises he will work to get America's fiscal house back in order (versus a President that has been saying it and doing the exact opposite). He will also defend the Constitution.

And so that's why my Pastor is voting for Mitt Romney. He said so from the pulpit last Sunday. (God ~ or State? ~ forbid.)

And I am voting for Mitt Romney, too.

God bless, America. Land that I love.

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Anonymous kentarch said...

You and your 'pastor' are complicit in Romney's crimes if you vote for him. Romney is PRO-ABORTION!! He approves of INDEFINITELY DETAINING YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND PASTOR WITHOUT TRIAL!!! Romeny believes that the President has the right to MURDER U.S. CITIZENS! I, kentarch, unfollowing you on Twitter because it is obvious that neither you or your pastor has any discernment.
If Romney wins because so called 'Christian' like you and your so called 'pastor' vote for him, then you are complicit in his crimes against humanity and God.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Bob Wilson said...

I recently was looking at a side by side comparison of Obama vs. Romney. It is outright shocking who people will vote for based on their beliefs. Obama has shown us his beliefs over the last 4 years, and they don't include the Constitution or any American freedoms. They certainly don't hold true to Biblical standards set forth regarding marriage or the sanctity of life. Every stance or posture that our current leader has taken since he has taken office, have been against contemporary Evangelical Christianity and Judaism. I will always be a Christian first, and a husband and father, but I will also remain an American. Our freedoms are seriously being threatened by this administration and I can not stand idly by and not be involved. A vote for Obama is simply a vote for more social programs, more regulation, more anti-Christian activism by our liberal judges and most of all, an end to our Country as we know it. It really comes down to this, you’re either for our Country or you’re against it, it’s that simple. I am for our Country.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous sketchingbrad said...

I find it very disturbing that a Pastor would use his pulpit for his own agenda. I very much dislike this right wing post. Neither candidate is a great choice, but wow I hope this site isn't about a political agenda. Politics are worldly things and God's word tells us to hate worldly things.. sooooo.. what are you doing here!?

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about God and Country.
You speak the truth. Our Country needs healing and to get back to our Christian Founding.

II Chronicles 7:14


8:42 PM  
Anonymous Je' Czaja said...

1. Mormonism a cult-Yes, it is. Remember how Israel fared when the king worshipped other gods? Obama is not a Muslim, either, in case that nonsense is still circulating.
2. Out of control spender=Compared to? Obama is smallest spender since Eisenhower!
3. Killing of baby who survives abortion=That would be despicable, and abortion is the ONLY reason I voted for Bush, whose unjust, immoral wars no doubt killed pregnant women outright. My mistake. Obama does NOT support killing a baby who survives abortion . He voted against bills that did not include provision for health of mom in those situations-badly written bills. He says states have the right to legislate on term limits and furthermore said this on the subject, “nobody's pro-abortion. I think it's always a tragic situation. We should try to reduce these circumstances.
4. Pro gay marriage=Yes, he is.
5. Disregards constitution=This is too vague to mean anything. Where has he done so? Show me and I’ll show you where practically every President has done so, depending on YOUR INTERPRETATION of what constitution actually says.
6. Romney stands for life= Even supporters know in their hearts that Romney stands for whatever his current audience wants to hear. What Romney stands for is a mystery-but the Mormon church has airbrushed out its racist and polygamy practices.
7. Marriage man and woman=Probably true. And now its one woman as opposed to his great-great grandpa who had a harem of twelve. (Interesting>Jon Huntsman’s GGgrandma was one of the 12!)
8. Fiscal house in order=Romney will continue and increase if possible wealth redistribution upward. He has the Social Darwinist view that poor people are morally bad and should be punished. This is NOTHING like what Jesus said.
9. Defend constitution-This is a platititude. Politicians “defend” their favorite parts and ignore the others-just like we Christians do with the Bible.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Good for you. You voiced your opinion and withstood the criticism. I too will not be voting for the hope and change. They can keep it. 47 million Americans on food stamps, 16 trillion debt, 8% unemployment for over forty months? Yes why would we ever want to elect someone who has a known track record of fiscal responsibility and problem solving. ((Scratches head)) Kiel posting. Nonbelievers won't believe until he shows up and scares the hell out of them and he will. (But you and I and your Pastor all know this) Stand for God. Always.

1:18 PM  

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