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A Heart For God: Serendipity

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I dream. Sometimes it's about things before they happen. I was to speak at a Twitter conference. (I dreamed it!) Yesterday I did. I guess you could call it a "divine appointment." (That is what you call it!) Some people say, "Serendipity." Interpreted: It's God's plan manifesting itself (coming true).

You see, God has a calendar. You know like the one on your wall you can look at that you write things down. (Not literally.) On God's calendar (of history) He has things mapped out ~ things He's designed to happen ~ things He wants to take place / has for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

Oh sure, He has the parents we are to be born to, the country we're to live in, the schools we'll attend, the person we'll marry, kids we'll have, etc. (And sometimes He tells us about it ahead of time so we'll say, "Hey, I dreamed this.") But ultimately, the main goal of God's plan is (oh, let it get deep down inside!) ~ it's for us to meet His Son, Jesus Christ, receive forgiveness for our sins and then tell others they can know Him, too (like we do!).

So I spoke at the Twitter conference yesterday.

A gentleman told me afterwards, "I've been to tons of conferences over the years. This is the first one where God showed up."


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Blogger Miss Bible said...

I dream alot as well pastor. Many things have changed in my life, now that I'm a Christian. One thing I have realized is there is no such thing as coincidences.


9:30 PM  

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