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A Heart For God: Superstitious?

Friday, May 13, 2011


It’s Friday the 13th. Aaaah! At least that’s how some people respond to this day. (Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the term for fear of Friday the 13th by the way.) This "scared" response has foundation in the Bible, too, some say. For one thing there were 13 men at the Last Supper (the 13th was Judas the betrayer?). Then Jesus was crucified on a Friday. The number “13” plus a Friday equals what? Aaaah! (Though the Jesus dying on a cross on a Friday is more tradition than truth. I speak to the three days and three nights in the tomb dilemma in another post. Real quick, how can you possibly come up with that number counting back from Easter Sunday morning to Good Friday afternoon?)

Superstition. It’s really what the response of some people to Friday the 13th amounts to. And to be superstitious is to believe in some kind of controlling force apart from the God of heaven. Which is pretty ridiculous. I mean, who really is in charge of all things? If you believe the Bible (and you’ve received Jesus into your heart and are living your life surrendered to Him), it doesn’t matter what day it is, quite frankly. It doesn’t matter whether or not there were 13 men at the Last Supper. It doesn’t matter if the crucifixion took place on a Friday. Are you hearing me somebody?

And so if you see me today, you’ll see me stepping on a crack. (It really doesn’t break your mother’s back.) You’ll see me walking under a ladder. I will find a black cat (I used to own one named “Pepper”) and I’ll let it cross my path. I will break a mirror. (Well, I probably won’t do that. They’re too expensive to replace. But you get the idea.) I’ll do all these things (not only to tease the superstitious people around me), but because my life is in the hands and under the protection of a God in heaven (Christ Jesus). He loves me. He is in charge of all things (not cracks, ladders, cats, mirrors). And ultimately, I will spend eternity with Him after this life is through. (Oh, lookie there. That last sentence had exactly 13 words. Aaaah!)

(For an interesting article about the roots of Friday the 13th, click here.)

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Anonymous Tracy Nunes said...

Amen to this post! Too mnay times Christians mix belief in Jesus with a host of other beliefs and superstitions that either water down or delete true belief in Christ. Every day is God's day and every day is good when you are in His arms.

8:18 AM  

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