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A Heart For God: In Bed with a Demon - Part 1

Friday, September 16, 2011

In Bed with a Demon - Part 1

I remember the concert was at San Jose Bible College in the late 80s. From out of the audience a teenage boy approached us immediately after the final song. I'll just cut to the chase: He'd flat out encountered a demon. It "appeared" to him in his bedroom. And he was terrified. (I just got a chill writing that. Memories.)

The boy went on about how he'd been at an Iron Maiden rock concert the night before. (Remember them?) He recounted how they were conjuring up demons on stage, but he never took it seriously. He just thought it was part of the act. (If you can believe it, yours truly attended an Iron Maiden concert before I became a Christian. But that's a demon story for another day.)

After the concert (the boy's) he said he went home, was lying down just falling asleep and then he remembers being awakened by some type of commotion at the end of his bed. He looked and saw a "creature." It was reaching for him, trying to grab at his leg. (I'm getting more chills.) The boy said he remembers scrambling to get away. As he did he knocked over his fan to the floor. (It broke.) And he was calling out to Jesus for help. (Yes, he did.) The demon left.

Bottom line: the boy wanted someone to come to his house.

The mistake I made is I went with him alone.

(The rest of the story in: "In Bed with a Demon - Part 2" coming soon.)

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