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A Heart For God: The Beastly Dog (guest blog post)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Beastly Dog (guest blog post)

(Guest blogger today is my daughter, Theresa.)

Four years ago, I was chased by a beast. I was pedaling on my two-wheeled bike with my brother Michael; my mom used her footwork to keep up. At this time, I must have been eight.

Michael and I rode ahead of my mom, biking around our neighborhood loop, which had a large hill to go down. We were just about to go down this mountain, when Michael said to me,” Reece?”

“What?” I answered.

“Reece?” He called again. Looking up, I spied a huge beastly-looking dog! He was a monster!

Not knowing what to do, I blew full speed on my bike past the beast dog. Down the hill I went. However, as my speed grew (I wasn’t using my brakes), I heard snarling, snapping, and barking behind me! The dog was chasing me down the hill! He was only a centimeter behind me! Not knowing what to do…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” I screamed, because that was all I could do.

However, at the time, a new house was being built on that large hill. When the workers, who were building that house, saw the dog, they called it away. Still, I went warp-speed down the rest of the hill and all the way home. I flew over the driveway and skidded to a halt. Still in a fluster, I regained my composure.

Later, lo and behold, Michael came riding down the driveway at normal speed. When he got to me and saw my expression…

“Did it chase you?” he said flatly.

“Yes.” I replied.

“It chased me too.” Michael said flatly [again].

There are some demons you just must flee from.


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