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A Heart For God: Hope for When You're Feeling "Blue"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope for When You're Feeling "Blue"

Down? Depressed? Bummed? "Blue?" No matter how you say it, it can happen to all of us (and does). Even the most "spiritual." Especially after a big holiday (like Christmas) or a "high" in life (like speaking before a crowd or doing an outreach). There's a let down, a "sadness" that can overtake. And we're in the dumps.

If it's you (or has ever been you) I want you to know that you're normal. It even took place with the disciples after Jesus fed the five thousand. That event was most significant and is recognized as the height of all Christ's miracles and so the let down was that much more steep. (John 6:10-13, 16-21)

The list below was first released as a 7 point tweetcast on Twitter and under the heading: Hope for the Holidays. It does well to sum up the problem of feeling blue (no matter what time of year it is or circumstance you're in) and offering help.

Maybe it isn't so much for you, but for somebody you know? Pass it on...

Hope for When You're Feeling "Blue" (7 points):

1. The holidays ("It's the most wonderful time of the yr”) can b the most depressing. But there is still #hope 4 the holidays #Jesus #tweetcast

2. Family conflict, unemployment, loss of a loved 1,deteriorating health, finances-it could b almost anything that gets u down #hope #tweetcast

3. The "popular" person (in position, limelight, etc) is likely the most lonely (down) of all (ministers included) #hope #tweetcast

4. Peace, release from depression comes via the Savior (Y so downcast, O my soul, put ur trust in God-Ps 42:5) \o/ #hope #tweetcast

5. It takes time 4 "feelings" 2 catch up w/faith. (Dark night of the soul) Pray \o/ #Jesus #hope #tweetcast

6. It's amazing-the power of having somebody 2 talk 2. B that somebody 4 the #hope starved. (B genuine) #Jesus #hope #tweetcast

7. Ultimately, God is with us (Emmanuel). He really is! (Meditate on Hebrews 13:5c. Let it go deep) #Jesus #hope #tweetcast

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Blogger Sheila said...

Thanks, Pastor Mike. Just this afternoon one of my neighbors, who is a friend and a Christian, said the words, "I'm having some blues, because of the after Christmas feelings and missing my Mom." She asked me to attend service with her, and at first I was reluctant, but the Spirit said go. Your words were the added confirmation, and I see how the Holy Spirit is guiding even where I go on twitter to get to this. Amen.

3:18 PM  

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