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A Heart For God: 7 Thoughts on Christian Relationships (tweetcast)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7 Thoughts on Christian Relationships (tweetcast)

I want to talk about an area of thinking and approach that is very helpful to me when it comes to relating to people. (And so this is really an 8th thought on Christian relationships to go along with the other 7 below.)

I call it: "Level of relationship."

And what I mean by "Level of relationship" I'd like to explain by using a friend of mine from the past. He used to share some of the minutest details of his personal life and feelings with just about anyone he met. (Selah~pause to reflect) The problem arose (and he would take offense, my friend would be offended by) when the person he shared with would respond in what he (my friend) would perceive as a cold, stand off-ish, uncaring, unfeeling, non-empathetic manner. (I would just shake my head.)

What was happening with my friend is he was expecting a deeper (warmer) response from individuals with whom he had no relationship (having just met them or except maybe by acquaintance).

Bottom line: Don't share deep stuff except with people you know. (It will help your peace of mind.)

And don't lay expectations on others of how they must receive/relate to you. (People do this all the time with Pastors/people in leadership in the church especially.)

Determine "level of relationship" first. And then relate at that level (acquaintance to acquaintance, friend to friend, close friend to close friend). If God wants the relationship to go to a deeper level (than it already is), He is well able to make that happen.

Which brings me to a re-broadcast of a "tweetcast" on Christian relationships. (A "tweetcast" is a series of tweets on a particular subject sent via Twitter.)

Here are (feel free to tweet these yourself)...

7 Thoughts on Christian Relationships (tweetcast):

1. The will (and ministry) of God requires saying "yes" to some relationships and "no" to others

2. Christian relationships are different. The goal? To enhance your brother or sister (or spouse's) relationship w/God. Jesus more, you less

3. Share life details only at the level of relationship. Go from casual to closer to intimacy. Takes time. Make people earn your trust

4. If ur gonna get close 2 anybody means u must b vulnerable. Also, means u will get hurt from time 2 time. Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive!

5. It's ok 2 have online (Christian) relationships. What's not okay is 2 replace (neglect) crucial offline (Christian) relationships due 2 them

6. Put Jesus Christ first and all other relationships will be right. Put yourself first and all other relationships will be wrong

7. Ur 2 best relationships in life will b the same as Much Afraid's in the book, Hinds' Feet on High Places. Their names? -> Sorrow & Suffering

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What d ya do if ya are bein wronged by a spouse that has walked away from God and gone back to old ways? Is it ok to break off the relationship?

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would seek guidance from a priest or pastor but if you believe their "old ways" are separating YOU from your God, then I think you're justified to break it off.

9:47 PM  
Blogger ally said...

That is where I find myself, my spouse has gone back to the old way. I fear that he will continue sliding and I will find myself back in the abuse. how do I determine if it is just the enemy telling me lies? What would Jesus do? We married before we were were not serving Jesus. I came to Christ then went back to him. Tonight I found proud that he has been living 2 lives.

3:17 AM  

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