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A Heart For God: Mixing Politics and Religion

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mixing Politics and Religion

"Give me liberty, or give me death."  ~Patrick Henry

(This is raw and from the heart.)

We're so stupid. (I'm just gonna be blunt.) We've been taught that politics and religion don't mix. (Even in the church.)

The fact is politics and religion cannot be separated. You can't have one without the other. The "check your politics or religion in at the door" is simply impossible to do. Where people are involved, it's always about politics and religion. (Do you remember the story of Daniel or Esther or Nehemiah?)

Human beings have always been a politicking people. Human beings have always been a religious people, too. (Even the atheists who worship at the altar of: "No god.")

The founding of our nation (America) was all about politics and religion. (It was!) Anybody that will tell you otherwise is speaking from his (or her) politics and religion.

America was built on the Judeo-Christian mindset. She was constructed on the foundation of a biblical worldview.

And you know what? There was just simply no possible way that an ill equipped and outgunned army of rag tag patriots could defeat a British war machine number one in its time without God (religion!) in their politics. (Study your history.)

It was because of God that this great nation, the United States of America, was born. Without Him, and without His principles guiding, there can be no chance for freedom. Not from Great Britain. And especially not from sin.

Freedom does not exist apart from Jesus Christ. (John 8:36)

So why is it that Christians check out of the political process? After all, we are the preserving agent in a fallen world. (It was Noah's and Lot's presence in their day that stayed God's wrath.)

The truth is a Christian is meant to be involved in politics. Especially in America.

And our "religion" is to inform our decisions. We speak out. And we vote on election day. We choose candidates that hold to a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview (for starters) is pro-life, pro-family, adheres to the Constitution, promotes liberty and justice for all, holds dear freedom of speech, freedom of religion, gun rights, etc.

And so no more being stupid. Politics and religion do mix!

And since they do, let's be the salt we were meant to be in this nation and world. (Matthew 5:13)

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Blogger HMelendez said...

Amen brother, God established governments to take care of His people! Keep up the good work, blessings!

7:12 PM  

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